8 Common Jewellery Product Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Jewellery photography may look simple but it has a bunch of challenges. The products will be tough to stage, tiny and reflective to shoot. You can win these challenges if you have a proper plan. Without a precise plan, fun-filled jewellery photography can lead to many mistakes. This guide will discuss 8 common jewellery product photography mistakes and how you can avoid them.


  1. Unwanted props

Using props will not be suitable for your jewellery photography. It distracts a viewer. Placing props while shooting your jewellery item may spoil the professional look of the entire photograph. So place the product against a flat, white background and then shoot from different angles.


  1. Clumsy background

If you want to offer your customers a smooth buying experience, try to keep all images clean and simple. Place your jewellery items against a white background or you can use a light background colour like grey to provide your product with an indefinite feel. You should abstain from all potential distractions which a patterned backdrop may bring on. Choose a particular style all over your images.


  1. Dust or smudges on products

Not cleaning your jewellery products before shooting is a common mistake. After image processing, you will find editing smudges tough and you may become annoyed. Be careful about how the products appear under the lighting system. Keep a cleaning cloth to clean the product and in fact, wear gloves while dealing with jewellery items for preventing your finger marks.

  1. Improper lighting

Lighting is very important when you want to shoot a good quality image. But most of the time the photographers subject their product to contrasting light in their urge for perfection. Well, it highlights all flaws and adds unnecessary shadows to the jewellery item, providing it with an unappealing appearance. You should always conduct your jewellery photography in natural or soft lighting.


  1. Irregular photo shoot

You must follow a set of instructions for perfect jewellery photography. The jewellery photography specialists in London believe in developing a set of guidelines for their photo shoot. Being consistent in product photography is a must thing to do. Lots of changes or variations distract your customers. So, document equipment’s position, background, lighting, and camera settings. Ensure to resume your photo shoot on another day with no clear changes.


  1. Inaccurate colour mode

The precision of colour does not depend on your camera–it depends on the colour mode. SRGB and CMYK are two kinds of colour modes. People use SRGB for online purpose whereas they use CMYK for printing. Depending on the mode’s purpose, both colour modes change the colours. Ensure to convert your images to SRGB for online use.


  1. Unclear focus

When your camera focus is inaccurate and soft, your jewellery items will not appear appealing to the customers. The camera focus must be sharp and crisp to attract the customers. It will help you capture a clear product image and grab your customers’ attention.


  1. Inappropriate white balance

Improper white balance settings can change your product colour. So, set the white balance precisely to click the product with its accurate colour. Either use the automatic mode or set the mode manually. Don’t forget to double check the results.


Final Words

So, these are 8 common mistakes which jewellery photographers commit. You must avoid the aforementioned mistakes to help your online customers make a smooth buying decision. Even a small mistake can ruin your entire efforts. Want to mark yourself as one of the best jewellery photography specialists in London? Then, avoid all the mentioned mistakes to put yourself ahead of the masses.

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