Royal Fix Photo is a UK based photo editing service provider. We have a team of experts handling hundreds of post production photo edits every single day from around the world. This is done professionally and skilfully using cutting edge technology and the latests software tools for unmatched quality.
We are located in London, UK but provide services worldwide.
Absolutely. We offer our first time clients free trial to enable them assess our level of expertise against their requirements.
Well, we strive to work with the clients given timeline and have a team dedicated to make sure that happens without failure.
There are a number of factors that go into determining the price for an image for example, whether it is a group photo, complex jewellery, lifestyle shot and so on. Each of these factors determine the price hence there is no set price for an image. You can use our price calculator on the homepage.
Our mandate is to deliver stellar quality results with 100% customer satisfaction and quality guarantee as our top priority. Should you want some changes made to your liking, will be more than happy to do a revision for you.
Yes, for every 1000 images bulk order, you get a 10-20% discount.
Individual clients do need to pay upfront. Corporate clients upon satisfactory references may be required to make a down payment or earn full credit to be repaid with 4 days of work delivery, whichever as deemed fit. We accept PayPal and bank transfer.
JPEG format is highly preferable though not mandatory. We can work with other formats too just fine.
Our level of professionalism does not allow us to share your photos with other parties or distribute them in other ways. You can go through the privacy policy to learn more.
Royal Fix Photo is super flexible and can deliver the photos as per clients special request. Nonetheless, we normally do it via Dropbox or Google drive shared documents